How are you helping your team learn?

Create a lightweight glossary and acronym decoder for your team – always available online and on Slack.

Store all the knowledge

Create unlimited knowledge cards in your glossary so your team can look up concepts, decode acronyms, and get up to speed faster.


Answer questions in context

With Wonderus it’s easy for anyone to ask a question and your team can create new cards or point them to existing ones.

Just a slash command away

Connect Wonderus to Slack with a single click. Your entire workspace can use the /wonder command in Slack app to search for knowledge and ask questions.

Wonderus has helped streamline and integrate team knowledge with ease. Before, we used a self-hosted section on our site that was cumbersome and difficult to navigate. Now, the team immediately gets the information they’re seeking right in Slack. Ideal for onboarding!Kate Hamilton

Founder and Publisher, LoganSquarist